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Greetings! We're Cindy and Brenda, the founders of Rainbow Vapor. We personally made the switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping with electronic cigarettes in May 2010, and haven't looked back since. To say that our lives are immensely better for it is an understatement.

In mid-2010, after shopping around in other sites...we noticed that no one in Canada was offering e-liquids which could be custom-made for us. Pre-made, non-customizable e-liquids were really the only prevailing choice available to Canadians. A combination of research, personal experience and the desire for something better led us to open our own website - Rainbow Vapor.

So what makes Rainbow Vapor truly different from the rest?

FRESHNESS. Unlike many others, we make ALL of our e-liquids fresh to order. No juices are ever mixed up until your order for them comes through. This means you never have to worry about getting old stock (i.e. e-liquid which has been potentially sitting and waiting to be purchased for weeks, months or years). Additionally, every bottle of e-liquid from Rainbow Vapor comes with the "made on" date on the label.

CUSTOMIZATION. We are happy to customize your e-liquids to suit your personal preferences. From PG/VG ratio, to nicotine level, to flavour combinations - Rainbow Vapor wants your e-liquids to be just as YOU want them to be. Obviously our website cannot list every possible ratio or option. So if you don't see the ratio or nic level etc that you wish, by all means send us an email:


You'll find us happy to oblige you! We take customer satisfaction and open communication to heart at Rainbow Vapor, because we're vapers too. We will always make sure your customization requests are fulfilled.

VARIETY. We carry a very wide range of flavours, because everybody has different tastes.

PAYMENT OPTIONS. Rainbow Vapor is proud to announce that (to our knowledge) we are now the first Canadian company to openly sell e-liquid with nicotine AND offer Visa and Mastercard as a payment option! We also offer Interac e-Transfer and even COD, for your convenience.

RESPONSIBILITY and LEGAL COMPLIANCE. In April 2011, Health Canada began ordering numerous Canadian websites which openly sold e-liquid with nicotine to shut down. Concerns over the future of the vape industry in Canada grew. However, research revealed that Health Canada's regulatory position on electronic cigarettes and e-liquid with nicotine was dishonest, contradictory, seriously flawed, and not based on the relevant laws and regulations. It became clear that while there are consumer-product regulations we need to (and do) comply with, these regulations differ significantly from the medicinal regulations that Health Canada has attempted to misapply to our products.
So we made the decision to continue openly selling nicotine, and to openly communicate with Health Canada - from an informed and demonstrably-compliant position - when confronted. Our position is that you can't win a fight unless you show up for it. Our transparency, honesty, research, demonstrated compliance, and most importantly our resolve - have led to numerous positive communications with Health Canada since. Some vendors still believe that hiding is the only way to survive - but we're living proof that this notion is false. Standing up and admitting what we do has not made us into martyrs. As you can see: we're still open for business.

1) Rainbow Vapor is now the first Canadian company ever to have legally-compliant labelling for our e-liquid. We take pride in this!

2) We regularly submit our e-liquid to an independent, internationally accredited laboratory for purity and accuracy tests.

3) We voluntarily refrain from selling any products to customers who are not of legal smoking age.

4) Shoddy products have no business being on the market. In the exercise of due diligence, we refrain from selling electronic cigarette products which do not have valid CE and RoHS standards certification. And on a personal note: if we wouldn't use a product ourselves, we won't sell it.

In short, Rainbow Vapor is doing everything it can to ensure that our products are legally compliant, and remain available to Canadian adults as a safer, recreational, consumer alternative to smoking. We have never sought to be all things to all people; we do seek to be the very best at what we do, in the eyes of you the customer. With that in mind, we hope you'll enjoy your visit - ask us questions - and return again!

Happy Vaping,

Cindy and Brenda

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